Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I feel like a lone person up here but that is all right. I will start off with a comment that was made by the member for Windermere when he mentioned Mandurah in Western Australia, something I think you read out of the Examiner. I Googled it. I thought, 'I will find out what it says in a final year honours dissertation'. The comments made in the abstract, say, 'The flushing characteristics of coastal waterways, including artificial canal estates, have major implications on water quality issues, such as the residence of pollutant discharges and the potential impacts on biological communities living within the system.' It goes on about, 'Mandurah is one of many re


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - Madam President, I certainly will not be speaking for very long either. Firstly, I accept the comments from all the honourable members both for and against the bill. I think it is important that people vote how they really believe and how they go with their thoughts. I accept many of the comments made and I agree with the principles stated as well, however we are in dire financial straits, by no fault of the people around here. The current Government has put us in this situation. That has all been widely accepted and, as has been mentioned by the honourable member for Murchison, the Premier had the opportunity to take this to the Industrial Commission but unfort


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - Madam President, I was not going to speak either but with some of the comments that have been made I feel I need to just make a short comment. I agree that loss of jobs is devastating to everyone but what we need to do is make it as painless as possible for those people that are affected. Whether it is the private sector or the public sector it does not really make any difference. This is public money and it does not matter where you work so I think the hard decisions need to be made. I do disagree with the honourable member for Pembroke. I cannot see how you can say people are being sacked. If you are being sacked you are not generally offered redeployment and



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