Mrs ARMITAGE (Question) - My question is to the honourable Leader and it is with regards to the water meter replacement program. Firstly, who is financing the water meter replacement program - the Government or the water corporations? Secondly, is the replacement program targeting all water meters or just older meters? Thirdly, are water meters in newer subdivisions being replaced and if so, why? Mr PARKINSON - I thank the honourable member for what I am advised is her inaugural question without notice. The water and sewerage corporations are financing the water meter rollout. To reduce the costs of the rollout to Tasmanian water and sewerage customers, the State Government successfully obta


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I am sure you will all be pleased that I certainly will not speak for very long. I think everything has been said. Madam President, I rise to comment on the Premier's state of the State address and, as I say, I will not go over areas covered by other members in any great detail. As the Premier states , though, Australians are worried about what the future holds for their jobs and their families. Unemployment is a major concern and, as mentioned by the honourable member for Windermere, just weeks ago BHP Temco announced, and we hope it is temporary, the suspension of three months of their smelter at Bell Bay. The future of the former Rio Tinto now Bell Bay Alumin



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