Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I find this issue we have before us very difficult. I agree that the previous bill was poorly drafted and appreciate that this bill is stronger with the subsequent amendments from the committee. I must commend my fellow Legislative Councillors on this committee for their diligence and hard work in scrutinising this bill and attempting to improve it. However, having said that, this is a very difficult decision as I accept that surrogacy is occurring now in some instances without the protection afforded by this bill. I know that this must be extremely painful for people, both male and female, who desperately want a child but I cannot support the bill as it stands.


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I, too, find this quite difficult legislation to deal with because you can look at both sides. I would also like to read a couple of parts that I do not think have been read into what we have before us. Initially, I received correspondence from the Tasmanian Workers Compensation Insurers (TASWIC) and I thought the points that they made were quite relevant: The purpose of a workers compensation rehabilitation scheme is to provide proper compensation to injured workers who suffer injuries or disease during the course of their employment. One of the key principles of any scheme is that it needs to be affordable to the community at large, while still providing adequ


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I will only make a short contribution. I support the intent and the sentiment of this. Obviously smoking is bad for you, but what can we do to help people, not just smokers, but non-smokers too? I agree with the member for Rosevears that the addiction must be so hard to give up. I had a girlfriend who had not smoked for 20 years, her marriage broke up and the next thing she is visiting me and she is out on the deck with a cigarette. I said to her, 'You do not smoke.' She said, 'I did not smoke, but the stress has made me take up smoking again.' I think it is a trigger sometimes, that something makes you smoke. Mr Finch - That little nicotine addiction in there t



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