Water and Sewerage Tasmania Bill No. 41 of 2017

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, first I would like to thank the Parliament for approving the select committee inquiry into this proposed takeover. I take this opportunity to thank the members of the committee - Tania Rattray, Rob Armstrong, Craig Farrell, Mike Gaffney and Rob Valentine, and Kerry Finch for a short time - for all their hard work and time given, particularly given the demands of other committee work and time restraints. Many thanks also to our committee secretary, Natasha Exel, who worked tirelessly, and Julie Thompson and the Legislative Council secretariat for their support throughout the course of the inquiry as we could not have completed our work without them,

SPECIAL INTEREST MATTERS Launceston Benevolent Society - Tribute

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, today I hope to shine a light on the wonderful work Launceston charities are doing to help those in need in the lead up to Christmas. The 183-year-old Launceston Benevolent Society is Tasmania's longest-running welfare organisation. The Launceston Benevolent Society has assisted 4000 people in the past year and gave $80 000-worth of financial assistance and $150 000-worth of food parcels. It provides food vouchers and parcels, assistance with utility bills, nappies, clothes and furniture. The society raised $30 000 through its annual ball last month. They also collected six tons of canned food through their annual can drive. The society collects t

Glenorchy City Council (Dismissal of Councillors) BILL No.61 OF 2017

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, this matter has been covered fairly well by previous speakers. I also welcome and congratulate the member for Pembroke to the Chamber. Very well done. I am sure every member here is more than happy to give you any assistance or anything at all you need. Please ask us if you cannot find your way. When I was first elected I was told 'Remember to follow the red carpet because once you are on the green, you know you are in the wrong space'. Anything at all, please give us a call. The opportunity is now for the people of Glenorchy to get it right. I appreciated the briefing this morning from the commissioner, Sue Smith, and the Government. Sue Smit

Street Libraries

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, today I am speaking about three street libraries in the Launceston electorate. What are they? They are little places in the community where you can find books to borrow from the books donated by members of the community. The Hadspen Street Library, which is near the community noticeboard at the Hadspen shops, was set up by Nikayla Jones in August 2017. A devoted reader all her life, she remembers how her mum would read her a bedtime story each night as a young girl, with favourites including the Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton and Callie's Castle by Ruth Park. Nikayla was inspired to set up a street library for her community after seeing a TV s



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