Foundation 33inc

[2.49 p.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I speak today about Foundation 33inc. and in particular the work they are doing raising funds for, and awareness of, health issues in the Tasmanian community. Since its inception in 2004 by St.LukesHealth, Foundation 33inc. - or F33 as it is also referred to - has raised more than $200 000 for charity, including organisations that receive little to no support by government funding, sponsorships or other substantial financial assistance. Some of the varied causes F33 has supported over the years include the Time Out House for young people at risk; Karinya Young Women's Service, which provides short-term crisis accommodation for women aged f

Shortfall in Funding for Our State Public Hospitals

MATTER OF PUBLIC IMPORTANCE Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) (by leave) - Mr President, in accordance with the provisions of standing order 32(3)(e) I move - - That the Council does now adjourn for the purpose of discussing a matter of public importance, namely: - The apparent shortfall in funding for our state public hospitals and the ongoing difficulties within the emergency departments. It is a tough world for those working in our public hospitals, particularly our emergency departments. I state from the outset I am not attacking any political party, as there has always been an underinvestment in core health, irrespective of who is in government. In moving this motion today I wish to bring to t



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