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Appropriation (Supplementary Appropriation for 2019-20) Bill 2020 (No 10)

[5.22 p.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I really feel this legislation has been covered, but I will just briefly echo the words that have already been said. We certainly are in difficult times.

I support this bill and the other bills that are coming up. As mentioned by the member for Windermere, it is certainly not easy for many people in the community. While I have been sitting here, I sent an email to the Premier. As we speak, I have had a request from someone in the community making face masks to try to help health workers. They are looking for funding to launder them. So many different things going on. It is a continually moveable feast.

As the member for Windermere said, we all have family members who are impacted. My son manages a bar that was closed at lunchtime on Monday. I assume that mum might be coming to the party to help out a little there. It is very difficult for people, even though they can apply for a certain amount of funding.

The member for Rumney was just told me that people were lined up at 4.30 outside Centrelink to try to access funds. The online facility has gone down. The appropriation and other bills coming before us are really important so we can help out by ensuring that money goes where it needs to go, including to services that are required; it certainly needs to go there. I have no problem whatsoever with that.

I will not go through the amounts and allocations we have before us. This legislation needs to go through as a matter of course. These are difficult times. Like other members, I too thank Treasury, the advisers and everyone who has been involved. I do not think it has been easy for anyone. I am sure it will not be easy for a while to come.

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