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Mrs ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Firstly, I also would like to give my best wishes to the member for Western Tiers and I do not believe he will need them because I am quite sure that he will not have any problem as well.

Mr Wilkinson - It's Geelong against Greater Western Sydney, isn't it, really?

Mrs ARMITAGE - I think you have no worries at all.

Being a new member I would just like to thank Doug for his assistance and his approachability and knowing that he was there if we needed to ask questions and it has been very helpful. Being here now 11 months I really have appreciated you and, of course, Jane and your whole team.

I was fortunate to meet Desley last year and we had a good chat and I am quite sure that when you go home you will not be retiring at all but you will be continuing to work for the people of Tasmania because I have no doubt that you will not be able to sit at home and cook or do anything of these things that you might but maybe a little bit. I do not think you will be under Desley's feet and, as she has mentioned, she will be at work anyway so she is not going to be around watching you.

I really just wanted to say that I have appreciated it. I have seen from time to time in the news and other places what you have achieved and what you have done, and listening to the other members about all the things that you have done and in your inaugural speech, I really thank you very much for what you have shown me. I do not know whether I have learnt very much yet but I have appreciated the time here.

I notice that sailing is one of your keen things. If you are still interested in sailing, Bruce has a boat for sale.

Members laughing.

Mrs ARMITAGE - Please make sure that you catch up with us afterwards because I am desperate for that ship to sail on its way and I think it would be a wonderful thing for you to do.

Thank you very much for all your assistance and I look forward to seeing your name in all these boards and all these other areas in the briefings that we seek as I am quite sure you still have a lot to offer Tasmania.

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