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Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - It has been very well put by the previous speakers. I am generally supportive of this bill to tidy up the act but I will not be supporting clause 6. It sets a precedent and where do we stop? We could deny political parties the opportunity to have donations from tobacco companies, alcohol -

Ms Rattray - Unions.

Mrs ARMITAGE - That would influence another side. We have to be careful where we go because we could open Pandora's box. Anyone taking donations has to identify that. It is on the public record. It gives the community the opportunity to choose whether they vote for people or not. It depends on who supports them.

I have never been a smoker so this certainly does not affect me. I have never taken donations from any tobacco company either. However, I believe that this sets a precedent that you should not be choosing just one. If you are going to do it, add all the others in. If you add the others in, as has been mentioned by other members here, what a minefield that starts; we would be opening Pandora's box. I will not repeat what has been said. The comments that have been made are very good. I particularly liked the comments from the member for Mersey, Mr Gaffney. I will be supporting the bill without clause 6.

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