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Mrs ARMITAGE (Question) - My question is to the leader. My question relates to the document titled Tasmania's Health Planning Framework dated July 2013. Given we now have three THOs, are the key goals outlined on pages 31 and 32 of that document still the government's objectives and, if not, what changes have been made given that it was dated July 2013?

Mr FARRELL - Mr President, I thank the honourable member for her question. The key goals and principles outlined in Tasmania's Health Plan 2007-08 remain relevant. The goals are set out to describe how we might structure services to provide a safe, efficient and integrated healthcare service. This remains a government objective for healthcare delivery in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Lead Clinicians Group has been tasked with developing a new clinically led, evidence-based planning framework and strategic direction for our health system so that the living health plan is established. This work takes into account the significant changes that have occurred in health care, fiscal and wider environments since the plan was first published in 2007, as well as current and future challenges.

Tasmania's Health Planning Framework is the first step towards achieving the vision of the Lead Clinicians Group to enable a system that can deliver the best possible quality performance and outcomes for health care that are achievable in Tasmania.

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