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SPECIAL INTEREST MATTERS: World Youth Latin DanceSport Championships

Mrs ARMITAGE (Launceston ) - Mr President, often we are subjected to negative comments and reports regarding our youth. Today it is my pleasure to comment very favourably on two 16-year-old young people from the Launceston area who, through their commitment, hard work and dedication, are excelling in the field of dance. They have been chosen to represent Australia in the World Youth Latin DanceSport Championships in Russia on 25 October 2014. Henry Cornish and Charlotte Page both started dancing at a very young age. They came together as dance partners in 2010 and have achieved success as juniors at both national and international level competition. Among the duo's achievements they represented Australia at the World DanceSport Federation, and the World Junior II Ten Dance Championships in November 2012 in Riga, Latvia. They received two first placings and a second from three categories of dance in the 2013 Tasmanian Open DanceSport Championships in April at the Silverdome in Launceston and a second overall in the Youth Open Latin category of the 2014 Jupiters National DanceSport Championship in April on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Henry and Charlotte, who have previously been ranked as the number one Australian junior couple for Latin American Dance, will represent Australia in Russia in conjunction with another dance couple from New South Wales. Mr Finch - Another Rosevears success story. Mrs ARMITAGE - I believe Launceston, actually. The competition will be more advanced than the previous under-16s world championships in 2012 as it will feature the best two under-21 couples from every country of the world. However, the genre is Latin dance, an area that Henry has previously been quoted as saying, 'Is good, because we are better at them. We enjoy it more. It is a little more upbeat and a lot of fun.' Henry and Charlotte, who are students at Launceston Scotch Oakburn College and St Patrick's College, respectively - in my electorate - will be accompanied on their trip to Russia by their coach and choreographer, Andrew Palmer of the Palmer Dance Studio. Andrew has previously commended the pair on their commitment to their craft and their ability to work hard. The pair currently trains for more than 10 hours per week but this will increase in the lead-up to the championships in October. This is quite a remarkable achievement, considering the myriad other competing pressures and commitments facing 16-year-old students at a crucial time in their busy lives. It demonstrates the obvious passion and dedication that Henry and Charlotte have for their sport. Members, I ask that you join me in commending both Henry Cornish and Charlotte Page on their achievements to date and in wishing them all the very best as they travel to Russia in October to represent not just Tasmania but Australia in the World Youth Latin DanceSport Championships. Members - Hear, hear. Ms Rattray - Before the member resumes her seat, Charlotte and Henry are holding a dance exhibition at Bridport on Sunday 13 July at 2 o'clock, if anyone would like to attend. Tickets are available from me. Mrs ARMITAGE - It is very worthwhile as they certainly need all the fundraising help they can get.

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