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Motorcycle Returning Rider Refresher Course


[2.41 p.m.]

My questions relate to the motorcycle returning rider refresher course run by the Department of State Growth.

(1) How long has the motorcycle returning rider refresher course been going?

(2) How many people attended during that period?

(3) If it is no longer operating, what if anything is currently in place?

(4) How much funding is allocated to the program annually?


Mr President, I thank the member for Launceston for her question.

(1) The Department of State Growth does not run a motorcycle returning rider refresher course because this type of training is not required by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles - RMV - for someone to gain or continue to hold a motorcycle licence.

However, the Department of State Growth has and continues to be a strong advocate for returning riders to undertake refresher training.

Motorcycle refresher training has been available in Tasmania since 2006 and is delivered by RMV's contracted motorcycle training providers under a separate agreement with the Motor Accident Insurance Board. Under this agreement the MAIB provides an ongoing financial subsidy of currently $150 per participant to encourage returning riders to undertake refresher training after an extended break. This is in response to returning riders being over-represented in crash statistics in Tasmania.

The original course was developed by the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council - TMC - and was funded through the Motor Accident Insurance Board and the MAIB Injury Prevention and Management Foundation in 2005.

However, with the implementation of the New Motorcycle Licensing Training and Assessment Program in Tasmania in mid-2017, it was agreed to replace the original course with the Check Ride component of the new motorcycle training program. This decision is supported by the TMC. The Check Ride is a half-day coaching and mentoring course developed using contemporary adult learning principles, and is based on the top five causes of motorcycle crashes in Tasmania. The Check Ride is designed to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours to improve riding skills and to maximise riders' protection from road crashes.

From March 2018 the new motorcycle Returning Riders Road Skills Check Ride has been offered through the external motorcycle training provider AJL Training Pty. Ltd. Information regarding this course is available on the provider's website and on the Department of State Growth's website as well as being promoted by TMC.

As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting refresher training, the department is also looking at ways to better target returning riders with information regarding the importance of undertaking refresher training.

(2) A total of 641 participants statewide have undertaken refresher motorcycle training since 2006.

(3) The Check Ride component of the new program operates as the new refresher course.

(4) The Motor Accident Insurance Board continues to provide a subsidy of $150 per participant. The cost to the participant undertaking the new refresher course Check Ride is $90. At this stage MAIB has indicated no cap has been applied to the subsidy funding.

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