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Condolence motion - Paul Harriss

Tuesday 25 October 2022, Condolence motion

[4.48 p.m.]

Mrs HISCUTT (Montgomery - Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council) - Mr President, I move -

That this Council expresses its profound regret at the death on 1 October 2022 of Andrew Paul Harriss, who served as a Member of the Legislative Council for the Division of Huon from 1996 to 2014, a Minister of the Crown from 2014 to 2016, and Member of the House of Assembly for the Division of Franklin from 2014 to 2016, and places on record its sincere appreciation of his great service to this State, and further, that the Council humbly and respectfully tenders to his family its deepest sympathy in their bereavement.

[5.18 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I thank the Leader for this motion and extend my deepest condolences to Dean and the family and friends of our dear past colleague, Andrew Paul Harriss, who recently passed away.

I was fortunate to be here for three years with Paul and I sat next to him for a time. I remember how welcoming and friendly he was and so helpful, particularly in committee work. When you are new, and you have Estimates or GBEs, you have absolutely no idea what you are doing or what questions you are asking, and he would give me questions. He would write down some questions and say, 'You can ask these'. He was so helpful and it was great to have someone who was willing to assist you and explain, when you are feeling like you are really quite lost. Nothing was too much trouble for Paul.

Paul was an outstanding local member, and his passion for grassroots issues and serving his community was obvious, particularly for those working in industries such as forestry and mining. I tend to agree with the member for Murchison - it probably was Paul who moved for that committee.

Ms Forrest - Not probably - actually.

Ms ARMITAGE - I have been thinking of it. It was a very long summer.

Ms Forrest - I have quite a clear memory of that.

Ms RATTRAY - He did not mind a fishing issue either. He used to have a disallowance motion quite regularly for fishing.

Ms Forrest - Not many successful ones though.

Ms Rattray - No, but he still had them there.

Ms ARMITAGE - It was very sad when he resigned his upper House seat and joined the Liberal team at the 2014 election, where he served as minister for Resources until his retirement in 2016. However, our loss was certainly their gain.

I also recall the entertaining incident in his rooms when the previous members for Windermere and Rumney were unlucky enough to get a stubby of beer that had been there for some considerable time, possibly for two or three members previous in that office, I think it had been in that fridge for a time. Yes, I recall Paul's glee at the member for Windermere having to quite regularly rush out the next day. Several times, he could not sit for very long and he said he was quite unwell on the way home. He used to run or walk home - he did not drive. Poor old Ivan had nowhere to stop on the way home.

Mr Valentine - As I recall the member for Rumney was absent from the Chamber the following day.

Ms Rattray - Too much information, Mr President.

Ms ARMITAGE - I am not sure, I just remember the member for Windermere made many absences from it as well. Having worked with Paul for a couple of years, during his time, he was a great advocate for his community, a wonderful colleague and a friend. Like another member in this House, he had nicknames for people and mine was Lady Launceston. I told him on a number of occasions, it was actually the name of a boat in Launceston as opposed to a person, but it did not deter him at all from saying Lady Launceston. I did feel as though I was rather a barge or something, but that was Paul's name and I thought Lady Launceston sounded okay, it brought back a memory of the boat in Launceston.

Mrs Hiscutt - He called all of us M'Lady and M'Lord. He used to call me M'Lady Montgomery.

Ms ARMITAGE - However, you probably did not have a boat named Lady Montgomery. Anyway, Paul was a great colleague, he was wonderful in this House and he was a great member. My sincere condolences to Dean and I am sure it must be hard. Speaking with Paul when Dean was elected as member for Huon, he was so incredibly proud and I am sure he is watching this House very fondly from wherever he may be.

Vale Andrew Paul Harriss.


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