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Motion - Ivan Dean, former Member for Windermere - Tribute

Wednesday 10 November 2021

[6.28 p.m.]

Ms FORREST (Murchison) - Mr President, I move -

That the Legislative Council recognises the service of the former Member for Windermere, Ivan Dean, from 2003 to 2021 and acknowledges his contribution to this House, the parliament and the constituents of his electorate.

[7.19 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - I think that is something between other members, Mr President.

I am pleased to welcome our former colleague, Ivan Dean, and his wife, Anne and of course Kerry Finch and Sue Smith.

Ivan Dean, Independent member for Windermere from 2003 to 2021. The member for Murchison spoke about his one clothing faux pas, but there was one she omitted, which was the time he wore his bathers to our rail trail committee excursion, thinking they were shorts until he returned home and Anne pointed out to him he had worn his bathers all day. I am sure the President will remember that.

Ms Forrest - You are still in counselling.

Ms ARMITAGE - I met Ivan many years ago, when he was commander of police in Launceston and I was undertaking community service manning the city's cameras between 11 o'clock and 3 o'clock in the morning. That was before the police commander Dean, at that stage, changed the time. At that stage, everything finished at 3 o'clock and everyone hit the streets. It was a very good move by Ivan and came from some research he had done - I remember you spoke on UK radio about it - that every club and pub did not close at 3 o'clock and everyone was not on the street at the same time. It really was a very good move by commander Dean at that stage.

Wikipedia describes Ivan as a farmer, officer in the Australian Army, police officer, politician, not to forget, husband and father. One thing I always noticed about Ivan, he was usually calm and it really took a lot to rattle him. It was pretty hard to rile him but, I have to admit, on a few occasions, and Kerry was probably involved many times, too, in our office, we did tease him on some occasions. For Ivan, it was always water off a duck's back. He was always good humoured and he was always willing to lend an ear if you had a query or concern or something you were dealing with.

We were on Launceston City Council together and Ivan will remember the late Jeremy Ball called us Mildred and George, a reference to the bickering couple from the British sitcom. Our bickering or perhaps disagreement over an agenda item was always only ever in the Chamber. As other members here have said, when you left the Chamber, we were always friends. Ivan took his time on council very seriously, as he did in this place.

There would be very few who worked as hard as Ivan. It did not matter what time you got to work, he was always there, usually by 8‑8.30 a.m. I used to leave about 7 o'clock because Bruce finished work at 7 o'clock, but Ivan would not be leaving much before me, half‑past‑six, quarter‑to‑seven, Ivan had been there since 8-8.30 a.m. If I called into the office on a weekend, it was not unusual to see Ivan's car there. His work ethic was second to none, as has been mentioned here.

I also found Ivan's legal and police knowledge of immense value, particularly in this place. As the member for Murchison mentioned, on occasion, it has been missed. There are occasions when it has not been missed -

Members laughing.

Ms ARMITAGE - and some of our bills do go through much more quickly.

Ms Forrest - I was much more generous than you.

Ms ARMITAGE - Sometimes, things were delayed, as the Leader has said. We used to think it was really great when Ivan missed the call, at one stage. All jokes aside, you really gave great contributions and sometimes raised issues that certainly had not been thought of by other people, and you came up with things that give you a rethink. That was one thing we probably learned from local council: you never make a decision until you have heard all the evidence. You were absolutely great at that and always willing to give advice.

You were also always willing to assist our electorate office. Sometimes, we would have odd situations and some difficult people. There was never a time I can recall when you did not make the time, whether you were on the phone, and you were always on the phone - that was one thing no‑one has mentioned. You would forget to turn your phone off. Regardless of where you were, whether you were in committee, we would be sitting next to you and your wrist watch would be ringing and you would ask, 'How do I turn it off? How do I stop it?'. If I could have done one thing, it would be to take your phone off you.

Apart from that, you were great to share the office with. We all got on well. Sometimes, there were practical jokes, particularly to do with foxes. I do recall catching you in the ladies' toilet. Kerry was probably just as bad, but the men's toilets were quite a way away. If Ivan could get into the ladies' toilets and not have to walk all the way to the men's, he would. I did catch him in the ladies' toilet on occasion.

Ivan and his wife, Anne, and three sons, Jason, Brett and Troy have given a lot to our community and we cannot underestimate the family and home time that has been missed when fulfilling the obligations of public life. It really is important to thank Anne and the boys for allowing Ivan to do the work he loved. As I know they have given up a lot of time with the husband and father and they can never get that time back, but as was mentioned by other members here, we consider it was time well spent but for them. They have certainly made a huge contribution to Tasmania.

Ivan devoted most of his working life to the Tasmanian community in one role or another and much of his personal life. It is hoped you are now enjoying the fruits of your labour and not pining too much for the working life you left behind. In all seriousness, it must be hard when you are so used to coming and working full‑time. I know you have other things you are doing and I am sure you are enjoying your grandchildren and your family life. I am not sure how the house is going because he used to blame you, Anne, I am not sure whether it was your fault but he used to say, 'Anne just keeps throwing out the plans and we have to keep getting new architects.' I am sure part of it was probably Ivan as well - sorry to put you in it there, Ivan. I am sure that now you have the time, you can move along and work out that house together.

Ivan, you have been an extremely hardworking, passionate advocate for the people of Tasmania. You have been a good friend, a great work colleague and your time with Tas Police, Launceston City Council and the Parliament of Tasmania has been of immense value to the people of Tasmania. I am sure you will not be quickly forgotten. On behalf of, particularly, the people of northern Tasmania, I thank you and we certainly miss you.


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