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Question without notice - Container Deposit Scheme Proposal

Tuesday 26 October 2021


[3.03 p.m.]

Regarding the proposed container deposit scheme for Tasmania, there was a request for tender for commercial advice for the implementation of a CDS in Tasmania on 10 July 2021. This request for tender was issued by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. Will the Leader please advise:

(1) Who won the tender?

(2) What information can the Leader provide regarding the brief to the successful tenders?

(3) To what extent was the public feedback on the CDS considered when this request for tender was issued, given that the closing date for public submission was 9 July and request for tender was issued on 10 July?

(4) When is the term of this tender expected to conclude and the full advice requested be provided to the department?

(5) Will the full advice be made public?


I thank the member for her question.

(1) PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Australia Proprietary Limited.

(2) The scope was provided to all potential bidders on the request for tender #DPIPWE 2115 as follows: the Department is seeking expert commercial advisory services to support it in its establishment of the two administrative bodies (the Scheme Coordinator and the Network Operator) which form part of the governance model for a CRS in Tasmania.

(3) The two processes you were talking about are unrelated. The draft Container Refund Scheme Bill requires a period of public consultation. The engagement of commercial advisers to assist in the procurement of the Scheme Coordinator and the Network Operator to run the Container Refund Scheme in Tasmania is an operational contract.

(4) The term of the tender is expected to conclude with the engagement of the Scheme Coordinator and Network Operator, but has scope to continue until scheme implementation.

(5) No, the advice will not be made public as it will contain commercially sensitive information.

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