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Treasury Miscellaneous (Affordable Housing & Youth Employment Support) Bill 2022 (No 7)

Second Reading speech, Wednesday 23 March 2022

[2.49 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I certainly support the bill but could not let it go through without at least making comment about the First Home Owner Grant as it should be called the First Home 'Builder' Grant and is discriminatory against those people that cannot afford to build their first home.

I appreciate they do get 50 per cent concession on the stamp duty. We heard this morning in briefings that around about that $500 000‑$600 000 mark equates to about $11 000. Looking at stamp duty of about $22 000, they are getting $11 000 back, which is a third of the amount of someone who can afford to build their first home. I believe that discriminates against young people or first home owners that cannot afford to build a home, and can only afford to buy a home - and we know how expensive they are now. I could not let it go without at least making the point. I appreciate what the Government is doing and I appreciate the extension of it, but I still believe that it discriminates against those who cannot afford to buy an already built home, as opposed to those who can afford to build their first home.


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