Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I commend the board for the work it has done in the past and the provision of the data collection. I concur with the government that it is a luxury we can ill afford at the current time. To me, Tasmania Together is something we have in good times and currently we have a financial crisis and we need to live within our means. I have yet to see many goals that have been achieved by Tasmania Together. I am going to make only a very short contribution because I believe it has been summed up very well by Barry Prismall, the deputy editor of the Examiner on 11 October 2012: It was always difficult to understand what the Tasmania Together board did, that an existing gov


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I rise to support the honourable member for Western Tiers as I believe penalty rates are crippling many industries in Tasmania. All too often we hear tourists and locals alike bemoaning the fact that restaurants, hotels and other eateries are closed on weekends or public holidays. These penalty rates on many occasions simply make it impossible to open. I am sure we have all heard business owners say that the cost to open their doors is more than the business that comes through them. They also lose their leisure time for no real value, apart from presenting an open-for-business look for our state. In this 24-hour, seven-day-a-week world we need to move with the t


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I support the principle of the bill. I particularly thank the students for the many briefings we had this morning. I thought they performed extremely well. They were competent, as was said by the member for Murchison, and it is not an easy thing coming before the members of any House delivering new comments. I also thank the university for the briefing as well; it was certainly interesting. One thing I found from looking at this bill is the differentiation between being a representative and actually on the council. I will read part of an email that I received - and I am sure most members did - from chancellor Damien Bugg which clears it up a little bit. The chan


Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I will be supporting the possibility that this goes to committee B. From what I heard this morning there was some confusion and many issues. I take on board the comments from the honourable member for Mersey that people have had ample opportunity, however the fact that they have had ample opportunity does not mean that we should not get the very best bill we should. People may not have put their submissions in early enough or they may not have come to us early enough. That does not mean we say, 'Okay you go away and we will have a less than perfect bill, because you have not come to us soon enough'. I accept the reasons put by the honourable member, however, if

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