City Park Radio

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, City Park Radio in Launceston will celebrate 30 years of licensed broadcasting on 7 April 2016. Community radio is best described as being from the man or woman next door for their neighbour. It is sharply focused on what locals like and want to hear. Planning for City Park Radio started in 1978. In the early days, thousands of people were involved in getting the station established, from test transmissions between 1982 to 1984, fundraising, and writing submissions to get a full-time community broadcasting licence. The station became incorporated in 1982, but Launceston Christian Broadcasters also tried to get a community radio licence then. That

Electoral Amendment (Legislative Council Ballot Papers) Bill 2015 - Second Reading

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Madam Acting President, I support the bill before us. I do not see any problems with it that cannot be overcome. I take note of the member for Murchison's comments about a party called the Independent Party. As it says in the second reading speech, it gives candidates the option of having the word 'independent'. If you think you are going to be confused with the party, do not put the word 'independent'. You do not actually have to do it. I do not see a problem there. It is not a problem either to have a definition of 'independent'. It might be quite a good idea. I am a little concerned about the proposed amendment to section 81, where it says that the word

Tribute to Mollie Campbell-Smith AM MBE

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, I speak today about the extraordinary Mollie Campbell-Smith AM MBE of Launceston, who sadly passed away last month at the age of 98. Mollie Marsden was born in Devonport in 1917. At the end of primary school her family moved to Launceston, where she attended Methodist Ladies College. There she was school captain, school dux and captain of the hockey, tennis and cricket teams. Mollie wanted to become a doctor, but her father did not think that was fitting for a female, so she studied Science at Melbourne University and represented the university, Victoria and Australia at hockey. She taught science at Methodist Ladies' College from 1955 until 1986 w

Clinical Services under the Tasmanian Health Service

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to ask the Honourable Leader of Government - (1) Given the consultation and planning undertaken to create the one Tasmanian Health Service, and noting the direction contained in the White Paper, can the Government advise - 1. (a) Have new or expanded clinical services been established in the Northern area; and 1. (b) if not, when will they be established? 2. (a) Will these services address the increase in demand, access block and high occupancy levels? 2. (b) if not, what plans are in place to improve the situation and when will they be implemented? Answer from the Honourable Leader of Government in the Legislative Council, Dr Vanessa Goodwin 1 (a) The Tasmanian Hea

Support for Tasmanian children with additional needs

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to ask the Honourable Leader of Government - 1. What support do children with additional needs receive who don’t qualify for funding to secure a teacher aide? 2. What money is there in the State Budget to hire staff to reduce the current nine month wait for a regional clinic appointment with the Tasmanian Autism Diagnostic Service? Answer from the Leader of Government, Dr Vanessa Goodwin: 1. Teacher aides are only one small part of the support provided to support a student’s learning. All schools have a support teacher allocated to them to provide support and assistance to school staff to meet the needs of students with additional learning needs. The support teacher

Proposed removal of Tariff 41

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to ask the Honourable Leader of Government- TasNetworks has confirmed it’s looking at scrapping Tariff 41 and moving to the main household energy tariff, Tariff 31. (1) What will be the base figure for Tariff 31, if it is reduced to keep energy bills down as TasNetworks’ CEO Lance Balcombe has promised it will be? (2) What will the formula be to ensure everyone pays the same rate and no one is disadvantaged financially by the change? (3) Is there another fairer system, i.e. reflective pricing where consumers are charged according to whether they’re using the electricity at peak/off-peak times? Answer from the leader of Government, Dr Vanessa Goodwin: The Tasmanian G

Support for Tasmanian children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to ask the Honourable Leader of Government, Dr Vanessa Goodwin: In response to Estimate questions, the government advised that referrals to the Tasmanian Autism Diagnostic Service have been rapidly increasing as a result of a dramatic increase in Autism Spectrum Disorder cases nationally. 1. a) How many children in Tasmanian schools are identified as having Autism Disorder b) How many of these children receive funding to get a teacher aide. 2. For children who do not qualify for any support from a teacher aide, how much funding do they get? Answer from the Leader of Government, Dr Vanessa Goodwin: 1. a) There are 230 FTE students identified through the Severe Disab

Funding for Tasmanian public schools

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to ask the Honourable Leader of Government - On August 9, 2015, an article in The Mercury newspaper revealed the amount of funding Tasmanian public schools receive per student from the Tasmanian Education Department. While, we appreciate that some communities will have a need for significant funding in their public schools, I note one Launceston school with 280 students receives almost $3,800 per student while another of comparable size in the same city receives around $1700 per student. Can the Honourable Leader of Government please explain: 1. What specific criteria does a school have to meet to receive funding of $3,800 per student, compared to $1700 per student?

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