Lease for Henty House

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - With regard to the rental lease on Henty House could the Leader please advise: Have re-negotiations commenced for renewal of the current lease of 4th Floor, Legislative Council offices that expires mid 2017 If lease negotiations have commenced - (a) have current tenants been consulted (b) what is the term of the re-negotiated lease Answer from the Leader of Government in the Legislative Council, Dr Vanessa Goodwin MLC Treasury has recently received a new 10 year lease proposal for Henty House which is currently under consideration. Treasury has not yet commenced any negotiations with the property owner. Treasury has commenced consultations with key stakeholders an

Government buildings in Launceston

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) question to the Leader of Government in the Legislative Council - 1.With regard to the Allambi building owned by the Department of Health and Human Services on the corner of Howick and Mulgrave Street, can the Leader please advise: 1.1 Is the building fully occupied and what services are currently housed in the building 1.2 the number of staff currently working in this building 1.3 Whether the Minister for Health would be prepared to allow Members of the Legislative Council to view this building, interior and exterior, in the near future. 2. With regard to the former TAFE building at 39 Frankland Street, Launceston owned by the Crown – 2.1 Is the building fully occu

Reply to the Premier's Address

Mrs Armitage (Launceston)- Mr Deputy President, Mahatma Gandhi said a nation's greatness is measured by how it treats the weakest members. I begin my reply to the Premier's Address by looking at some of the wonderful care being given to Launceston's most vulnerable. City Mission in Launceston is one of a number of local organisations which is there for those in need. There has been strong demand for City Mission's Orana House, which offers emergency housing for men aged over 18. There has been an increasing number of cases where people had to be turned away. Their unit for homeless fathers with children is always busy. Missiondale, a therapeutic centre for men and women seeking to overc

Motion - Consideration and Noting - Department of Police and Emergency Management 2014-15 Annual Re

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, just before lunch I was speaking about the police officers in courts. I would be interested to know how many police officers per week are attending courts in Launceston. I was of the understanding that that was to cease and that they were to have security agents, as they do in Hobart. Perhaps the Leader could let me know about that. Regarding driving while using mobile phones, I note that Tasmania Police issued 3 258 infringement notices, 'whilst using a handheld mobile phone', an increase from the 2 914 infringements. I also note that there has been a decrease of 23 per cent since 2013-14. It has been mentioned to me - and I am sure other member

Dr John Henry Morris AO MBE

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, I speak today about the extraordinary Dr John Henry Morris AO MBE who was born on 24 December 1926 at the Latrobe Hospital. His father was a draper in Sheffield and his mother was a daughter of the former manager at the Montana Mine in Zeehan. He spent his childhood living in Sheffield attending Sheffield Primary School and at 12 went to boarding school in Launceston attending Launceston Church Grammar School. After college he completed a science degree at the University of Tasmania which enabled him to gain employment as a demonstrator in zoology at the university after graduating. It was during this time that Dr Morris became a member of the Roy

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