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Special Interest Speech - Barratt's Music Launceston

22 May 2018

If you ask any Launcestonian where they bought their first instrument, they will all say: Barratt's Music.

Founded in Devonport in 1894 and opening in Launceston in 1904, Barratts has provided many musicians and music students with the tools and inspiration to develop their musical and artistic skills.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Encore Theatre Company

12 June 2018

The Encore Theatre Company celebrated its 10 year anniversary in April 2018.

During that decade, the company and those who drive it, has gone from strength to strength, highlighting just what hard work, dedication and a bit of artistic flair can do.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Tasmanian Dog Training Club

21 August 2018

As a patron of the Tasmanian Dog Training Club, in this speech, I recognise its contributions to animal welfare and to the Launceson community, since it was founded in ​1958.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Tamar Valley Writer's Festival

18 September 2018

The 2018 Tamar Valley Writer's Festival attracted a wealth of talent including over 60 nationally and internationally recognised authors featured in the festival line‑up.

Here, I speak about the Festival's significance on our wonderful region & the importance of its ongoing support.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Foundation 33inc.

30 October 2018

Foundation 33inc. is an organisation founded in 2004 by St Luke's Health.


Since that time they have raised over $200,000 for charity, including organisations that receive little or no support from government funding or other financial assistance.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Cataract Gorge: Gorgeous Walks & Talks

20 November 2018

Launceston's Cataract Gorge, is  a Tasmanian emblem.


An initiative, entitled 'Gorgeous Walks & Talks' is a series of talks that provide participants with an insight into the many features and the history surrounding this stunning Tasmanian icon.

Transcript here.

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