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Special Interest Speech - SV Rhona H

17 March 2020

The Sailing Vessel Rhona H is one of Tasmania's oldest and smallest working tall ships. Under the stewardship of Heritage Sailing Tasmania, it has become a Hobart icon. I speak about what fantastic work is being done by Heritage Sailing Tasmania with this magnificent vessel.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Toni Maloney

24 March 2020

Toni Maloney is a stalwart of the Launceston community and, through her work with the Clifford Craig Foundation, the Glenara Lakes Residents' Association and the Holman Clinic (amongst many others), has made such a positive impact for so many people. Here I speak about her positive contributions to these organisations and our community.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Miss Flinders

3 June 2020

For the last 10 years, the Desoutter MK II Monoplane, Miss Flinders has resided at QVMAG. In this special interest matter, I speak to the Chamber about Miss Flinders's historical and heritage significance. My thanks to the Tasmanian Aviation Historical Society for their input for this speech.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Launceston Basketball Association

24 June 2020

The Launceston Basketball Association is comprised of some 1,700 members and in 2019, had 193 teams participating in competitions every week. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the organisation very hard, so here I speak to the Chamber about the fantastic work they do & why they are worthy of our support.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Wombat Mange

25 August 2020

Wombats are an Australian icon, which can be found all throughout Tasmania. Our furry friends are in trouble however, as wombat mange, caused by a parasitic mite, and believed to have been introduced by settlers, has caused a great deal of harm to our beloved wombat populations.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Fragile X Syndrome

15 September 2020

Although you may not have heard of it, it is likely that you know someone who has Fragile X Syndrome - the name for a group of disorders that affect the X-Chromosome. Of these disorders, behavioural, mental and some physical disabilities can result and this week I spoke to the Legislative Council about the condition and those who are living with it and working to raise awareness.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Dancing at the Italian Club

22 September 2020

For some people in the community, getting out and catching up with their mates, and having a dance is an absolute necessity. The positive health effects - both mental and physical - are undeniable. This week I spoke to the Chamber about those in my electorate who rely on this as a staple of their week.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - ABCDE Learning Site Youngtown

13 October 2020

The Asset Based Community Driven Effort (ABCDE) Program is a collaboration between the City of Launceston and the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. to work with communities to focus on "what's strong, not what's wrong". Previous programs have delivered fantastic results and the current project in Youngtown has gotten off to an excellent start. This week I spoke to the Chamber about these projects.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Richie Porte

27 October 2020

Launceston boy Richie Porte took out a podium place at the 2020 Tour De France and we are so very proud of him. I spoke to the Chamber about his career highlights to date in recognition of this incredible achievement.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - George Willows

10 November 2020

This week, in a very special speech, I spoke about Scotch Oakburn College year 6 student George Willows, who farms a heritage breed of Leicester Sheep. I was very pleased to host George and his dad Paul at Parliament yesterday, so they could hear the speech in person. George is an extraordinary young man, who has already made many fantastic achievements. Well done George!

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Playgroup Tasmania & National Children's Week

17 November 2020

Playgroup Tasmania Inc is a statewide organisation that works directly with our families and communities by running a number of popular programs. This year, they adapted and thrived in the face of COVID-19 and recently put on a array of extremely successful National Children's Week events and unveiled an upgrade to their Invermay playgroup venue - an initiative made possible through their partnership with the Tasmanian Community Fund, the Rotary Club of Central Launceston and the WD Booth Charitable Trust. 

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Hadspen Cricket Club

8 December 2020

In my final special interest matter speech for 2020, I wanted to end on a high note, so I spoke about the incredible work being done at the Hadspen Cricket Club. An inclusive and diverse club, all that's required to participate is the love of the sport. I'm looking forward to an absolutely outstanding cricket season for 2020-21!

Transcript here.

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