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ADVISORY: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the the content of this page contains the names of deceased persons.

Special Interest Speech - Ralda 'Topsy' Freiboth

29 June 2021

Ralda 'Topsy' Freiboth turned 100 years old in 2021. Remarkably, Topsy still lives independently at home and makes the 1km walk to the shop and back home every day. I spent some time with Ralda to celebrate her birthday and talk a little bit about her amazing life.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Ariarne Titmus

24 August 2021

Ariarne Titmus was chosen to represent Australia at the Tokyo Olympics and won two gold medals for the 400m freestyle and 200m freestyle events. In the 400m freestyle, not only did Ariarne win the gold, she edged out the world record holder, American Katie Ledecky, by less than a second for a final finishing time of 3 minutes and 56.69 seconds, a Commonwealth record. Not completely done with her achievements, Ariarne went on to set an Olympic record for the 200m freestyle for a time of 1 minute and 53.5 seconds.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Hazara Afghan Community

21 September 2021

The Hazara population, hailing from Hazarajat, is one of the most persecuted demographics in Afghanistan. Following the harrowing withdrawal of American and allied forces from Afghanistan in the middle of 2021, the plight for Hazaras worsened. In Launceston, many Hazaras have found their home and were obviously very concerned about the unfolding situation in their homeland.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - 75th Anniversary of the Launceston Ionian Club

26 October 2021

October 2021 marked 75 years of the Launceston Ionian Club, the first of its kind in the world. the Ionian Club is an Australia wide women's social network which provides an opportunity to make new friends. The first Ionian Club was founded by Phyllis McDonald in Launceston on 3 October 1946. New to Launceston, Phyllis experienced the loneliness and isolation many women feel when moving somewhere new. Here's to another 75 years.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Northern Tasmanian Netball Association

9 November 2021

The NTNA encourages, fosters, promotes, develops, extends, governs and helps to control the sport of netball throughout northern Tasmania. It coordinates, it encourages, assists and supports legitimacy of the constituent bodies of the association, a number of teams and their cooperation with each other.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Mamma Mia: an Encore Theatre Production

16 November 2021

Mamma Mia is a production which has been over two years in the making. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, this production was put on hold and Encore Theatre Company needed to find a way to restart operations with a bang. Mamma Mia ran for two weeks over October and November 2021 and it was an incredible show. A huge congratulations to everyone involved.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Tribute to Aunty Phyllis Pitchford

24 November 2021

ADVISORY: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the transcript and video contains the name of deceased persons.

Aunty Phyllis Pitchford was a stalwart of the Tasmanian community and was a mentor to many young Aboriginal Tasmanians. Her dedication to her people, her community and her culture was expressed through her love of creativity, which inspired us all.

Transcript here.

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