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Special Interest Speech - Donna MacFarlane

19 March 2019

My niece, Donna MacFarlane, is a Tasmanian-born Olympic athlete.

Beyond that, she is a loving mother and wife, writer and consultant. Here, I highlight some of her many achievements that can be an inspiration to us all.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Neil Pitt's Menswear

2 April 2019

Neil Pitt's Menswear is a Launceston institution and in 2019, celebrates its 70th year of operation.

In this speech I speak about the mark that his iconic business has made on Launceston and acknowledge its place in the community's fabric.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Old Umbrella Shop

21 May 2019

The Old Umbrella Shop's rich heritage is a mirror which reflects Launceston's history back to us today.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteers, I believe we are very lucky to have such a fantastic piece of living history to explore.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Fred Mace tribute

28 May 2019

Fred Mace (1922-2019) was a stalwart of the Prospect community.

Mace Street was his namesake and here I pay my respect to Fred, his family and his legacy.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Launceston Chamber of Commerce

18 June 2019

The Launceston Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1849 and is Australia's oldest, continuing Chamber of Commerce.

In this speech, I highlight the important and impactful work that the Chamber does throughout the business sector and its contributions to policy, growth and the local community.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Westpac Rescue Helicopter

6 August 2019

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter team's typical day in the office might involve multiple missions to extract lost or injured bushwalkers and bring victims of road accidents to hospital. Their extraordinary work is the subject of my special interest speech here.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Newstead College

13 August 2019

Newstead College is one of the two public colleges in Launceston and focuses on academic excellence, vocational education and training and, because of its healthy student-to-teacher ratio, places an emphasis on student wellbeing. Listen here to what they have been up to recently.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - The Headstone Project

10 September 2019

The Headstone Project started in 2011 to provide a final resting place to our World War One veterans, who have had unmarked graves. I spoke to the Chamber about the extraordinary work being done by this organisation and how it's benefited our community.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Marillac House

15 October 2019

Launceston-based Marillac House provides affordable accommodation for people who travel to our city for medical treatment. It gives those who are suffering through medical crises a safe, supportive and affordable place to stay during these tough times. I was very pleased to get the opportunity to tell the Legislative Council more about it.

Transcript here.

Special Interest Speech - Kin Raising Kids

19 November 2019

Kin Raising Kids is an organisation which provides support to non-traditional, non-parent carers of children. The Legislative Council received a briefing on the wonderful work done by this organisation so I spoke to the Chamber about their work to bring greater awareness to their cause. 

Transcript here.

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