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Mrs ARMITAGE (Question) - My question is to the leader. Four of the eight new general managers recently appointed to TasWater come from interstate. Leader, can you advise -

(1) Are all the new general managers relocating to Tasmania?

(2) If not, who will fund the cost associated with travelling in and out of the state on a regular basis?

(3) If they are relocating to become permanent residents in this state, are relocation costs being funded, and to what extent?

(4) Do the general manager employment contracts contain terms and conditions with regards to relocation to the state and, if so, what are they? Is there a time frame for a permanent relocation to the state; how long will their temporary residence status be funded and at what cost? If they choose to relinquish the role, is provision made in the contracts to fund the costs associated with relocation?

I add one supplementary question - and I accept that you will not have the answer - how does this compare with the current packages and salaries, as this is to be a meaner and leaner organisation?

Mr FARRELL - Mr President, I thank the honourable member for Launceston for her question.

Before I answer the first part, I will take the second part on notice. On 5 June 2012, at a special meeting of the Local Government Association of Tasmania, its member councils resolved to support the formation of a single statewide water and sewerage corporation. Subsequent to that meeting, legislative support was requested of the state government in order to facilitate local government's implementation requirements.

TasWater, and the previous water and sewerage corporations - Ben Lomond Water, Cradle Mountain Water, Southern Water and Onstream are fully owned by the state's 29 local government councils. The state does not have any ownership relationship with these entities and is therefore not in a position to be able to provide the information requested by the honourable member.

The executive structure of TasWater is a matter for its board and local government owners. It is therefore appropriate that this matter be raised directly with the chairman of TasWater or alternatively the Local Government Association of Tasmania.

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