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Capital works funding for hospitals

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to ask the Honourable the Leader of the Government -

With reference to the Department of Treasury and Finance Revised Estimates Report 2014-2015 (including December Quarterly Report) page 8 - strategic action 5, which states “Since the 2014-15 Budget, the Government has committed an additional $71.9 million to complete the Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment Project” -

(1) Given this significant additional capital works funding, can the Government outline what capital works funding for health will be allocated for the rest of the State over the next three years?

(2) Can the Government give an assurance that there will be capital works funding allocated to allow required building projects such as the new St Helens Hospital?


Dr Goodwin replied -

(1)In addition to the RHH Redevelopment project, there are a number of significant capital projects within the Health portfolio that will be completed over the 2014-15 Budget and forward Estimates period. These projects include:

- The final component of the Statewide Cancer Projects - the North West Regional Cancer Centre;

- Glenorchy and Kingston Tier Three Community Health Services Facilities;

- Rural Breast screening Clinics;

- Ravenswood Community Health Centre;

- Latrobe Dental Clinic Refurbishment;

- Launceston Integrated Care Centre;

-Flinders Island Multipurpose Centre Upgrade

- LGH Acute Medical and Surgical unit;and

- King Island Hospital.

Detailed information on these projects is provided in the 2014 15 Budget Papers. These projects are in addition to a significant number of smaller works that are undertaken across hospitals and rural health centres each year.

(2)The commitment of further investment in capital works with regard to the Health portfolio is being considered as part of the 2015-16 Budget development process. Further information will be provided when the 2015-16 Budget is delivered by the Treasurer, Hon Peter Gutwein MP, on 28 May 2015.

Mrs Armitage - Did you mention the St Helen's Hospital, or did I miss that? Capital works money to allow required building projects.

Dr Goodwin - It was a general answer in relation to new -

Mrs Armitage - I just wondered if you mentioned Part 2 - it is a specific question.

Dr Goodwin - It was a general response in relation to capital works funding, I do not have a specific answer.

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