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Tasmanian Nursing Graduates

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Regarding students who graduated from nursing at both Hobart and Launceston in 2015:

  1. How many nurses graduated from Hobart?

  2. How many nurses graduated from Launceston?

  3. What numbers remain unemployed since graduation?

Answer from the Leader of Government, Dr Vanessa Goodwin -

The University of Tasmania graduates students from the Bachelor of Nursing three times a year. New graduates seeking employing in 2015 will complete studies:

  • end Semester 2 (November) 2014

  • end Semester 5 (February) 2015

  • end Semester 1 (July) 2015.

Most Tasmanian students will graduate from either the Hobart or Launceston campus’ of the University, however a small number of Tasmanians choose to study through interstate universities and distance education programs. It is understood that this number is less than ten per year.

The majority of students complete their studies at the end of Semester 2 (November) or Semester 5 (February) and employers align their major recruitment campaigns with these times.

The University of Tasmania holds records of the numbers of students enrolled, expected completion dates and actual graduates; the numbers change as students’ progress through their programs and individuals enrolment plans change.

The University of Tasmania nursing graduate numbers are not available to the Department of Health and Human Services. It is therefore recommended that this information is requested from the University.

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