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Government buildings in Launceston

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) question to the Leader of Government in the Legislative Council -

1.With regard to the Allambi building owned by the Department of Health and Human Services on the corner of Howick and Mulgrave Street, can the Leader please advise:

1.1 Is the building fully occupied and what services are currently housed in the building

1.2 the number of staff currently working in this building

1.3 Whether the Minister for Health would be prepared to allow Members of the Legislative Council to view this building, interior and exterior, in the near future.

2. With regard to the former TAFE building at 39 Frankland Street, Launceston owned by the Crown –

2.1 Is the building fully occupied and what services are currently housed in this building

2.2 the number of staff currently working in this building

3. With regard to the Integrated Care Centre, Frankland Street, Launceston –

3.1 Is this building now fully occupied or is there space available?

Answer from the Leader of Government, Dr Vanessa Goodwin:


1.1 The Minister is advised that the Allambi building is fully occupied.

Services housed in the building are:

Launceston Home Care Services

Health Promotion

Youth Health Services

Continence Service

Wound Care Consultant

Specialist Palliative Care Services

Community Dementia Service

Primary Health North Management Unit

ACAT Transition Team

Nursing Clinic

Clinical Nurse Educators

1.2 The number of staff currently working in the building is approximately 56.

1.3 The Minister would be very pleased to facilitate a tour of the building for Members of the Legislative Council, at an appropriate time and taking into account confidentiality requirements around the provision of clinical services.

Furthermore, the Minister extends an offer to Members to contact his office if any would like to also visit health facilities across the state.


2.1 The Minister is advised that majority of the building is occupied, three of the four floors.

2.2 There are 59 staff working in the building in the areas of Procurement, Disability Services, Payroll and the THS.

Part of one floor is also used for Tasmanian Health Service equipment stores.


3.1 The Minister is advised that Northern Integrated Care Service (NICS), Frankland Street, is fully occupied by the following groups/organisations:

Active Launceston, Tasmanian Health Service Primary Health Tasmania Launceston City Council University of Tasmania (UTAS) Podiatry (THS) Cardiac Rehabilitation (THS) Behavioural Psychology (THO) Chronic Disease Service (Primary Health Tasmania) John Morris Diabetes Service (THS) Psychological Service (Primary Health Tasmania) Pulmonary Rehabilitation (THS) Refugee Health Clinic (Primary Health Tasmania) Women’s and Men’s Health (THS) Strengths to Strengths (Primary Health Tasmania) Refugee Health Service (THS) Care Coordination (Primary Health Tasmania) Smoking Cessation (DHHS) Lymphoedema Service (THS)

The Launceston Clinical School (UTAS) has a lease over the second floor of the Northern Integrated Care Service and the ground floor is a shared clinical and community space between the community, services listed above and other visiting services.

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