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Supplementary question about Tasmanian Health Service

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to the Honourable Leader of Government in the Legislative Council, Dr Vanessa Goodwin -

I have a supplementary question and it is not because there are that many in an acting capacity but I find it unusual that the Government cannot tell me whether someone resides in the north or the south. I do not see how that impinges on their privacy when I have made it clear I do not want their addresses.

The question I have, for example, is reside in the north or the south. I think the south is quite a big area as is the north and does not describe to anyone where someone lives. I would appreciate an answer to that.

Answer from Dr Goodwin -

As noted in previous answers to questions provided to the Honourable Member, staff residence details are kept only for emergency contact purposes.

It would not be appropriate to disclose where staff reside in a public forum such as Parliament. This applies equally to the city or region where a person chooses to live, as it does to their individual residential address.

This is a private matter and choice for the individual and it has no bearing on their appointment to the role. However, as previously advised, the positions are based in Launceston and have been advertised and recruited to on that basis.

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