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Removal of Fortifications Bill 2017 (No.16) Second Reading

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr Deputy President, I certainly support this bill before us. It gives the police greater powers to do their work, as has been said by other honourable members, and sends the message that we will not put up with this type of thing.

I know, going by local media, that in the past various outlaw groups relocated to Tasmania. Groups like that need to see that Tasmania's police unit will be tough. We certainly will not tolerate the fortification that has been going on.

The member for Windermere probably recalls from when he was on local council, a couple of premises in his electorate had been well and truly fortified. It was incredible, in suburban streets. Some of the fortifications around one house were quite frightening. Apart from the fortifications, very angry animals were there, so it was extremely frightening. It must be very difficult for the police. We need to do whatever we can to improve the situation for the police because it is difficult enough already for them. We must certainly send a message as well. It is really important for groups that might want to relocate to Tasmania to know they will not have an easy ride. We will certainly be looking at it.

I support the bill and thank the Government.

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