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Toni Maloney

[11.12 a.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, today I speak about a stalwart of the Launceston community and a friend of mine, Toni Maloney, a person who has contributed so much to the Tasmanian not-for-profit and medical research sectors.

Toni was born in The Netherlands and emigrated with her family to Indonesia after the World War II, arriving in Australia not long after in 1950. Educated in New South Wales, Toni became a Queen's Guide and worked with handicapped children early in her career. She went on to train as a secretary, then went to work for the Australian Commonwealth Naval Board. In 1962, Toni moved to Tasmania and was appointed private secretary to the managers of Myer from 1975 to 1981. Having acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge in executive support, Toni was named Tasmanian Secretary of the Year in 1978 and worked her way up to become the executive assistant to the deputy CEO of the Launceston General Hospital.

Working in this position at the LGH gave Toni experience in the health and wellbeing environment, something which became very valuable to her throughout her career. In 1992, the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust was established. Toni's hard work and good attitude did not go unnoticed and she was selected to lead the trust in its fragile early years. Based on the fifth floor of the LGH, the trust started with virtually nothing, using donated office equipment and relying mostly on the savvy and resourceful work being done by Toni.

Within the first three months, the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust managed to secure committed funds of $1 million thanks to dedicated supporters such as Dr John Morris, Roelf Voss, Ros O'Connor and Anne O'Byrne, with whom Toni worked to encourage businesses and community groups to commit to a financial pledge over the next five years.

During these formative stages of the Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust development, Toni also dedicated herself to promoting the work it sought to do by establishing public understanding and enthusiasm for a medical research facility in the local community.

During this time, Toni and her colleagues travelled through the region seeking the support of community groups, businesses and service clubs, many of whom are still loyal supporters to this day. Under Toni's stewardship, the Clifford Craig Foundation, as it is now known, was able to fund its initial research projects on lung and cancer projects conducted by epidemiologist, Dr Zahid Ansari.

Since then, Toni has remained heavily involved with the work of the Clifford Craig Foundation, working as its first CEO and being awarded a life membership in 2012. Toni continues to volunteer for the Clifford Craig Foundation in helping to coordinate fundraising events and holding positions of office on the Friends Committee. Of the activities the Friends of Clifford Craig manages, events such as the annual garden fete raise funds to continue on the important medical research work that is done.

In addition to this, Toni has volunteered as president and vice-president of the Glenara Lakes Residents Association, vice-president of the Glenara Lakes Auxiliary and is on the Holman Clinic Trust Board.Toni also publishes a newsletter for the residents of the Southern Cross Care apartments at Glenara Lakes and helps with activities for the residents at the home.

There is not much that Toni Maloney has not done during her time. Her dedication to the organisations which first and foremost look after people says much about Toni's character. She has truly dedicated much of her life, expertise and wisdom to helping others. For this, I would like to say thank you.

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