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Member for Rosevears - retirement

[6.20 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE - I think we have done this before. I remember we did this back in May.

Mr Willie - Kerry planned that.

Ms ARMITAGE - He did. Two bites at the cherry. It is lovely to see your family and your grandchildren here today. I am quite sure, Kerry, you will have some wonderful times with your grandchildren now that you have more time.

Ivan, Kerry and I share an office in Launceston and we are almost like a little bit of a family there. Sometimes we argue, sometimes we get on. There is one thing I will say about you, Kerry, if you are asked for some information or help, you are always willing and I think that is really great. It does not matter what time, you are always prepared to give some advice and information. Even in the latest thing we have been discussing, it is really good that you can ask Kerry about an issue you might be dealing with or something you are looking at. You are never too busy and you always take the time. I think that is something that is really nice.

It is nice to have that relationship in Launceston. We do share an office, we do not always vote the same, sometimes we do. We often do not agree but it does not make any difference. As Ivan said, when it is over, that is over and you move on to your next issue. I do enjoy Kerry's orations sometimes when he thumps the lectern -

Ms Rattray - And raises his voice.

Ms ARMITAGE - He does, but it is good. Sometimes, life in the Chamber can be a little bit dull but Kerry can bring a little bit of life to it. A bit of theatrics is often quite good. It is appreciated. I am not going to go on, I am sure people want to make some comments. It is lovely to see some of your family here. I am not sure whether Carol is going to be overly delighted to have you home all the time.

Mrs Hiscutt - She might pack his lunch and send him off to work every day.

Ms ARMITAGE - I am sure she is very pleased when he comes to Hobart. I always remember Greg Hall saying that the power that be there was always very pleased when he was heading to Hobart.

Ms Rattray - The head of the war office.

Ms ARMITAGE - Yes, the war office. The war office was always glad to see him head down when parliament was sitting. She knew where he was and what he was doing. It is like my husband looks and says, I know you are in the Chamber, I can see your legs. It is interesting that some people do watch us in parliament.

Ms Forrest - Some people are sad, aren't they?

Ms ARMITAGE - It is pretty sad, when you retire and you had such a life that you need to have a look at parliament.

Ms Forrest - There are quite a few who do, actually, you would be surprised how many.

Ms ARMITAGE - Yes, and see what you are doing. Look, you have made a great contribution, Kerry, and 18 years is wonderful. The really nice thing is that you have decided when you felt ready to leave. That is really important. It is great that you have been able to stay as long as you wanted. As you said only earlier, you feel comfortable now. You have done everything you wanted to do, you are ready to leave and you will not have any regrets. I think that is really great. I wish you, the family, and particularly Carol, all the best. See how it goes, but well done.

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