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Question - Calvary co-located Hospital

Tuesday 1 July 2021, question on notice

I (Ms Armitage) tomorrow to ask the Honourable Leader of the Government —

With regard to the proposed Calvary co-located hospital slated for Launceston:

(1) Given that it has been three years since the unsolicited bid was made by Calvary Health Care, when will all stakeholders have an opportunity for an open and transparent conversation regarding what services Calvary Health Care intend to provide in order to cater for the future needs of the region’s population?

(2) Does the Government acknowledge that, in order to achieve the best outcomes for the state’s north, a significant and detailed public consultation will be required?

(3) -

(a) How extensive will the public consultation process be; and

(b) will the Government ensure transparency during this process by allowing public submissions?

(4) Given that Calvary Health Care has already ruled out an accident and emergency department for this facility, does the Government believe that it is acceptable to forgo this service requirement as part of its proposal – noting this service is provided by Calvary Health Care to patients in the state’s south and given the pressures that the Launceston General Hospital Emergency Department finds itself under?

(5) Can the Government give any indication about what services the proposed facility will offer, understanding that there is a significant public demand for pregnancy, post-natal, mental health services, palliative care, pain management services and elective surgery capabilities?

(6) Can the Government guarantee this co-located hospital will not simply be a combination of both St Luke’s and St Vincent’s campuses on one site with no additional services?

Answers - Thursday 26 August 2021


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