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Question without notice - Pumphouse Bay & Jonah Bay Land Management

Question without notice, Tuesday 22 March 2022


Mr President, to follow up my questions for the last sitting week regarding the land formerly managed by the Bothwell Tourism Association at Pumphouse Bay and Jonah Bay.

Can the Deputy Leader please advise:

(1) What Hydro Tasmania's plan for the area is?

(2) To please confirm if a bike trail is being considered to be installed around either Jonah Bay or Pumphouse Bay. If so, can you please provide more specific details?

(3) Can any certainty be provided to lessees that they will have the option of longer term leases, for example, for the whole season, in the future, or will they be limited to short‑term accommodation arrangements?


Ms PALMER - Mr President, I thank the member for her questions.

(1) I am advised that Hydro Tasmania has confirmed that both Pumphouse Bay and Jonah Bay camp sites will remain as public camp sites. To address a range of issues identified by campers at both sites, Hydro Tasmania is intending to undertake civil works and improvements. Both sites will be temporarily closed for one season while this work is undertaken.

(2) On the advice that Hydro Tasmania does not currently have any plans to develop a bike trail at Jonah Bay or Pumphouse Bay, I am aware of a private proposal to construct a bike track at Great Lake. However, no detailed proposal has been received. I am advised that the proposal does not extend to the Arthurs Lake area.

(3) I am advised Hydro Tasmania is still reviewing the lease options that will be available for the sites when they reopen, with the objective being to ensure fair access arrangements are in place. Seasonal passes are being considered and Hydro Tasmania is liaising with Parks and Wildlife Services to better understand previous management models employed by Pumphouse Bay and Jonah Bay, which is understood to involve a ballot-style system for seasonal passes. Hydro Tasmania will provide an update to campus at the next community meeting at Pumphouse Bay and Jonah Bay on 30 April.


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