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Special Interest Matter - Cancer Council Relay for Life 2023

Tuesday 21 March 2023

Cancer Council Relay for Life

[12.18 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston)- Mr President, many here would be aware of the some of the incredible work that has been done in our communities to help people with cancer.

One of the biggest cancer fundraisers each year in Launceston, is the Cancer Council's Relay for Life. A 20 hour marathon to raise funds for cancer research and support.

Over the years, Relay for Life has run. we have seen it at different venues and it always brings out fantastic people in our community who want to come together and do something to make a difference for people with cancer and those who are working to find newer, better ways of treating it.

This year was the first time it was run at the Silverdome for the Launceston event. Now in its 23rd year, Relay for Life raises significant funds each year. Over the weekend at the beginning of March, the event started with a lap by cancer survivors, their carers and loved ones to acknowledge the fight that so many have had with the disease.

During the marathon, teams including families, work colleagues, community groups and individuals walk around for hours to show their own commitment to battling cancer and supporting those who suffer with it.

Being held at the Silverdome this year, there was plenty on for the teams to do when they were not walking. Live performers donated their time, kids' games were set up and various activities for people of all ages were available to show that raising funds for a serious cause could also be fun.

On the track there were novelty laps, including the three legged lap, the egg and spoon race, the chicken dance lap, the selfie lap and the wig walk.

Off the track there was a video gaming competition, free play arcade games, silent disco, face painting, food trucks and a complementary breakfast.

The money raised from Relay for Life goes to a whole host of different things. For example; $10 helps to provide free exercise programs to assist cancer patients in building strength and fitness during treatment, $30 helps transport cancer patients to and from their treatment, $50 helps the Cancer Support Line: 131120, provides free and confidential support on all aspects of cancer and $200 adds a wig to the wig library for lending to clients who are experiencing hair loss during cancer treatment.

While volunteering for the event on that weekend, I saw some incredibly dedicated people having a go at the relay, having fun and connecting with others. People from all walks of life were taking part, including parents with their little babies, people in their eighties - it truly was an event for everyone.

For Launceston in 2023, the final statistics are that there were 615 relayers, 46 teams and total funds raised of $106 697. A final shout-out to the following teams for their fundraising efforts:

· Zanetto Builders who raised $13 075

· St Patricks College who had a very big team and raised $10 216

· Labour of Love who raised $8493

· Boland Buddies who raised $8472

· Prospectors Sunflowers who raised $6030.

And the following individuals:

· Carl Zanetto who raised $9217

· Kay who raised $6030

· Saffron McPhan (12:21:36) who raised $4315

· Danielle Zanetto who raised $2269

· Kathy West (12:21:44) who raised $1381.

An absolutely incredible effort for the people who participated and those who put so much work into making the event happen.

I offer my sincerest congratulations to everyone involved and know the event and the funds raised truly do make a difference to the life of cancer sufferers.


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