Police Offences Amendment (Prohibited Insignia) Bill 2018 (No. 21)

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, this is a difficult bill and by no means clear-cut, but you cannot legislate for every circumstance. I have appreciated all the emails and briefings from many different people, both within our community and outside, the Motorcycle Riders Association, the Law Society of Tasmania, Tasmania Police and others. I also appreciated the six briefings from the Commissioner of Police and appreciate how seriously he takes the bill. The main issue I and many others have is with regard to evidence for an outlaw motorcycle group to be included as an identified organisation. I note amendments are coming. I am concerned there is no clear appeal process. We all k

Water and Sewerage Corporation Amendment (Crown Involvement Facilitation) Bill 2018 (No. 24)

[4.45 p.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, ownership of TasWater has been an issue for many years. I recall being an alderman - the member for Windermere was there at the same time - when this matter was first raised and the government wanted to take over water and sewerage. It was felt the best course of action was for councils to have ownership. In hindsight, that was not necessarily the best course of action, with the cost of water and sewerage escalating, on some occasions a similar amount to rates. Some of our constituents struggle to pay these. The Government has made a commitment with regard to pricing to keep prices down, and I note the comments made by the member for

Board Membership

Ms ARMITAGE question to LEADER of the GOVERNMENT in the LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, Mrs HISCUTT [2.41 p.m.] On 10 July 2018 I put a question on the Notice Paper with regard to board membership. I would have thought that by now - 22 August 2018 - perhaps there might have been a response. It is not that difficult a question. When am I likely to get a response to my question on the Notice Paper from 10 July 2018 with regard to board membership? ANSWER Mr President, I thank the member for Launceston for her question. We received an answer we were not happy with because it did not answer all the member's questions so we sent it back to have it readdressed. Ms Forrest - That is a good move. Mrs HISCUTT

Pain Management Services - North and North-West Tasmania

Ms ARMITAGE question to LEADER of the GOVERNMENT in the LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, Mrs HISCUTT [2.40 p.m.] On 11 July 2018 in answer to a question without notice, I was advised the Government has a six-year, $275 million health plan that includes pain management. I appreciate the Tasmanian Health Service continues to progress planning for improved pain services in the north and the north-west as soon as possible. Honourable Leader, with respect, 'as soon as possible' is not a satisfactory answer. I again ask: can the Leader please advise the actual time frame for the Musculoskeletal Clinical Advisory Group steering committee to finalise its work and a statewide pain service to be provided? ANSWE


[3.31 p.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I too thank the Leader for the briefing. It was very good and we found out quite a lot about Metro we did not know. I support this bill in principle and accept that opening up the options for Metro to other services, including ferries and perhaps trains, in the future is sensible because long-term planning is critical. I note the bill removes the restriction on the type of passenger service Metro can provide. I also accept Metro will establish a demand analysis. However, it is important we have a fair playing field for all operators. While I accept the plan is for Metro to operate a ferry from Bellerive to Hobart, I would be concerned

National Redress Scheme - Sale of Anglican Churches

[4.59 p.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Madam Deputy President, I too support the motion of the member for Prosser and I thank her for bringing it forward. I am sure we have all spoken to many people in our electorates who are very concerned with what is happening. I note on the Anglican Diocese of Tasmania website a comment by the Right Reverend Dr Richard Condie, Bishop of Tasmania which says - As Bishop I am deeply sad about the situation we face. I do not want to close or sell any churches in Tasmania and it brings me no joy. But I am compelled by compassion for survivors of abuse. We must raise $8 million for redress, and we have to do this through realisation of our assets. Apart f

Tasmanian Dog Training Club

[11.37 a.m.] Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, today I pay tribute to an organisation that has been active within the Launceston community for 60 years. As a patron, I am pleased to speak about the Tasmanian Dog Training Club. The club was formed in 1958 and was initially known as the Obedience Dog Club of Launceston. It then trained at Elphin Showgrounds, but the club now operates from Churchill Park. The club was set up to provide puppy training and basic obedience training classes to about 3600 dogs each year, both new and ongoing. Approximately 345 classes consisting of puppies, tweenies, beginners, grades 1 to 3, advanced agility and Rally-O operate from the club. The club w

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