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Mrs ARMITAGE ( Launceston ) - I believe that it is appropriate for this to go to committee and I thank the members for their moving contributions. We must recognise the past and look to the future. There does appear to have been a lack of consultation with all stakeholders. It is appropriate that we promote reconciliation, and not division by this lack of consultation.

Mrs Taylor - In the briefing we were told that it was advertised in all three papers and local government level.

Mrs ARMITAGE - That was not the comment that I made. It was that all stakeholders have not -

Mrs Taylor - They had the opportunity -

Mrs ARMITAGE - May have, but not everyone reads the local paper.

Mrs Taylor - I want to make the point that there were attempts made to allow people the right to be consulted.

Mrs ARMITAGE - My point was that there was a lack of consultation, not a lack of advertising. There are many people involved. Time is not of the essence. There is a 40-year lease in place and we are six years into it. If a committee can ensure that proper process is followed, I believe there would be mediation. If it goes to committee, at least those who have not been consulted have the opportunity to be consulted and it will allow for reconciliation rather than division.

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