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Stamp Duty on Residential Property - Concessions for Pensioners

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to the Leader of Government in the Legislative Council, Dr Vanessa Goodwin:

(1) Will the Government consider adopting a policy similar to that which exists in Victoria which exempts concession card carrying pensioners from paying stamp duty on house purchases up to a certain value, and

(2) Will the Government look at offering stamp duty concessions to pensioners seeking to downsize, similar to support currently offered by the Northern Territory and the ACT governments?

Answer from the Leader of Government, Dr Goodwin:

Mr President, I thank the honourable member for Launceston for her question.

(1) The Government is aware that a number of jurisdictions provide stamp duty support for eligible pensioners and other concession card holders on the purchase of a residential property, including concessional rates in both Victoria and the ACT for the purchase of land and property up to a certain value, or a non-means-tested stamp duty rebate for eligible seniors, pensioners and carers in the Northern Territory.

However, it is also noted both Victoria and the Northern Territory charge higher rates of stamp duty than Tasmania. Given current budgetary constraints, the Tasmanian Government is not in a position to introduce such a scheme, notwithstanding that the Tasmanian Government will continue to support pensioners through the provision of significant concessions to eligible pensioners to assist with cost of living pressures.

The Government supports pensioners through the council rates remission, the water and sewerage concession and electricity discounts, which are among the most generous in the country, as well as a range of other concessions which can be found in the Tasmanian Government concessions guide.

(2) Refer to question 1.

Mrs Armitage - The answer is no.

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