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Ms Armitage - I want to speak a little on the bill if you will give me a bit of latitude to say where I am coming from. I actually voted the bill into Committee.

Mr Chairman - As long as we do not get into a substantive second reading speech.

Ms Armitage - No, I am not going to get into a second reading speech. I voted the bill into Committee and thought it was appropriate with a several members having amendments to be aired. I wonder how much latitude I am allowed here because I have some concerns with the bill.

Mr Chairman - Yes. I just remind the member that the second reading is about principle so we really cannot delve into the principle.

Ms Armitage - I am going to tread carefully here. I understand the reasons behind this bill but I have many concerns and many people in my electorate are concerned. I am not overly comfortable with the bill. Resources minister, Guy Barnett, said of the Tasmanian forestry sector back in April that it is important the bill is based on fact.

Mr Chairman - Unfortunately we have had substantive debate so you cannot go any further than clause 1 in respect of the principle.

Ms Armitage - It is difficult. I voted the bill into Committee for us to listen to some amendments but I certainly make no commitment as to the third reading.

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