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MOTION - Economic Benefit of Investment in Infrastructure

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr Deputy President, I do not have a problem with the principle before us. Like other members, I had a little concern when we went into the nitty-gritty about 'comprising a representative' and going into detail there, but the word 'consider' takes some of that angst away. It truly is 'consider'.

I understand it is a review committee, but I wonder about the ultimate responsibility or the decision-making, whether that rests with the committee or whether it is purely an advisory committee. Purely giving advice as opposed to decision-making, so the decision-making would still rest with the government of the day. This committee is purely looking at long-term strategies and giving advice and reviewing what might be before us.

That is a question I have as to which way I vote. If it is purely looking at long-term strategy, it is giving advice, it is having findings, but it does not have the ultimate responsibility to make the decisions. I would be concerned if the committee had the ultimate responsibility when that should belong to the government.

I am assuming that is how it is. That is really the main concern apart from point (3), as mentioned by the member for Mersey. Going into detail about what the committee consists of concerns me. Like the member for McIntyre, I would have liked it to say -

Calls on both Houses to consider the value of establishing a cross party Infrastructure Funding Review Panel -

and then 'to review current infrastructure', taking that middle section out of what the committee was.

Most of it has been discussed. I can understand the reason to look at the long-term strategies. We know often in any government certain issues come up that are probably more relevant to certain areas. We need to look at the long-term strategies right across the state. It could be a good committee, I am not saying it would not be.

Considering makes it a little bit easier to go along with but I would like, if you could confirm, it is actually not a decision-making committee and it is purely review and advisory.

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