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Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Bill 2017 (No.18) Second Reading

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr Deputy President, I took advice on this bill during the break and was advised that the previous act being from 1950 was significantly out of date and did not adequately represent what a contemporary museum and art gallery requires. The 2017 bill is a timely improvement. It has taken some time to develop, with good consultation between TMAG operations, the director, the trustees, Arts Tasmania and Department of State Growth, with all three supporting the act.

The 2017 bill clarifies the governance of TMAG with a clear operational role for the trustees through the director. The state Government still owns the assets, including the buildings, infrastructure and collections, but delegates powers to the trustees for acquisition and deaccession of collection. This may have always been the case, but without going into the 1950 act in depth, I am not totally sure. The 2017 bill still gives the minister the ultimate responsibility for TMAG but allows it to operate through the trustees at more of an arm's length.

It stipulates the requirement for a three-year strategic plan and a one-year business plan. That is in line with other museums and galleries.

In conclusion, the 2017 bill is a positive development that should give TMAG greater scope to conduct its business. I support the bill.

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