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Member for Rosevears - farewell, forthcoming election

[12.37 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I thank the Leader as well, and Mandy and Will and all the staff. It has been a pretty hard week for the Leader.

To the member for Rosevears who fell off the wagon last night in his non-drinking year - he had a whisky.

Mr Finch - Two.

Ms ARMITAGE - Two whiskies -

Mr Finch - A fairly generous two, I might add.

Ms ARMITAGE - One bottle was almost empty, so I think you had to go to the second.

I wish the member all the best in retirement. Who knows? It might not be this year. Depending on when the election is, you might be back here in August, so we might still see you. I am not sure whether it is commiserations to Carole. She will certainly have her hands full having you home, after having you away for so much. Like the member for Windermere, I am sure you will find something to occupy yourself, and you will not be idle. It will not be the last time that the member for Windermere or I see you, because we share an office at Henty House and we can certainly meet the requirements of 4 square metres. We have enough room - our offices are far apart - so I am sure I will see you again.

I wish the member for Huon all the best. I believe we will see him back here. These are obviously very difficult times for people with elections. It is hard enough when you can actually get out there and about, but when you can only rely on things like social media, it certainly makes it difficult. I wish him all the best, and all the members as well.

As the member for Murchison said: keep safe, stay home, work from home. At our office in Henty House, it is fairly easy for us to work in isolation because our offices are fairly spaced apart. Even with the meeting rooms, if we happen to have videoconferencing, we can certainly sit around the table at quite a distance apart. It is probably not so easy for other members, but for us to work it is quite good.

To everyone and their families, I wish that you are all safe, that you all stay safe, and when we get back here - hopefully in August - that everyone is here, and that things are back to a form of normality. I wish all members all the best.

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