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Electricity Safety Bill 2022 (No 11)

Thursday 27 October 2022, Second reading speech

[2.57 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - I thank the Leader for the briefing. It gave a clear indication of what it was about. My understanding is that it is a substantial rewriting with a new regulatory office created managed by CBOS to oversee the regulatory framework. This is about the regulation of infrastructure and all the normal workplace safety things still apply and cut across this.

The one thing that was interesting, if there is a fire in your washing machine for example, it can be investigated and checked to see if perhaps there is something wrong with a particular type of washing machine for recalls. It is also the same with power points, if they cause a fire and are investigated by a tradesman then it is something they can look at. I was pleased to see that there is no obligation on the owner other than to maintain your electrical products in a safe manner. Once the electrician has left the site and finished, just ongoing maintenance for the owners.

As the member for McIntyre was saying, we can still do the little things like change a light bulb and plug things into power points. It is good to see.

Ms Rattray - Common sense prevails.

Ms ARMITAGE - Common sense has prevailed and I support the bill before us.


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