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TasWater - Membership & Composition of Board

[2.35 p.m.]

Regarding the Board of TasWater, please advise:

(1) I understand the Board of TasWater currently comprises seven members, including the chair. Could the Leader please advise where each of these board members are based?

(2) Does the current composition of the TasWater Board comply with the current TasWater Board Selection Committee Charter, which stipulates that one representative comes from the north-west region, one from the north and two from the southern region? If not why not?


Mr President, I thank the member for Launceston for her question.

(1) The advice I have is that four board members are based in Tasmania and three are based interstate.

(2) The advice is that TasWater Board Selection Committee Charter does not stipulate where board members are based. It stipulates the makeup of the board selection committee, and regarding the committee composition it states:

The ORG (owners' representative group) will appoint members to the Board Selection Committee in accordance with TasWater's Constitution, namely:

· one representative from the north western region

· one representative from the northern region

· two representatives from the southern region

· the Board Chair

· the Crown's owner's representative and

· the chief owner's representative, if that person is not one of the regional representatives or the Crown owner's representative referred to above.

The Board Selection Committee is compliant with the requirements. The Board Selection Committee is responsible for appointing directors to the TasWater Board. The TasWater Board is skills-based and comprises seven independent non-executive directors. Three of those directors are female.


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