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Mrs ARMITAGE asked a question of the Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Council -

(1) How many patients on the Launceston General Hospital waiting list are currently residing on the north-west coast?

(2) What cuts have each region been required to make?

(3) What savings in dollar terms have each region achieved from the required cuts?

Mr FARRELL replied -

(1) As at 29 February 2012, the Launceston General Hospital had 605 patients on the elective surgery waiting list who reside on the north-west coast.

(2) Mr FARRELL (Derwent - Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Council) - Madam President, as there are two tables in answer to (2) I seek leave to table it and have it incorporated in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The answer read as follows:

(2) The dollar amount of savings required that was allocated to Area Health Services:

(3) The savings achieved in dollar terms by Area Health Services:

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