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Ms ARMITAGE asked a question of the Leader of Government Business in the Legislative Council -

(1) Given that the Launceston General Hospital has been without a neurologist since the tragic and untimely passing of Dr Stan Siejka in 2009 -

(a) are steps being taken to find a replacement neurologist to provide patient services in the north; and

(b) if yes, what steps have been taken?

(2) If no replacement is being sought, what are the reasons?

(3) How many neurology patients are currently on a waiting list to be seen at the LGH?

Mr FARRELL replied -

(1) The Launceston General Hospital - LGH - replaced the late Dr Stan Siejka's six visiting hours per week with a full-time staff specialist, Dr Kurien Koshy, who has been in continual practice for the preceding 19 months.

(2) N/A.

(3) There are currently 1 014 outstanding neurological patients who are awaiting neurological review; there are 349 category one, 484 category two and 181 category three patients.

This is approximately equal to the number of patients that Dr Kurien Koshy has seen over the past 16 months.

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