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Mrs ARMITAGE (Launceston ) - Mr President, I am very surprised to see this back on the notice paper because the reason it was adjourned only a day or two ago was to allow for further consultation with major stakeholders, the TGFA and the Tourism Industry Council. Has there been consultation? I doubt very much that they would have had this consultation. I have heard nothing from Jan Davis or from Luke Martin. Why is it back on the notice paper now? Ms Forrest - Why it is being called back on? Mrs ARMITAGE - Exactly, when the consultation obviously has not occurred. Without the consultation occurring this bill really should not be proceeding. If you could answer that please, I would be grateful. Mr PRESIDENT - Before the honourable leader gets up to answer that question, I want to indicate to members that this is a debate on the second reading. The people who have not spoken now that the honourable member for Launceston has concluded her speech are the honourable member for Windermere, the honourable member for Rosevears, the honourable member for Pembroke and the honourable member for Huon. Dr GOODWIN (Pembroke) - Mr President, my colleague, the honourable member for Montgomery, articulated our position on this bill. We do not support it. I do recall from yesterday that honourable members raised concerns about the fact that there had been inadequate stakeholder consultation. In particular, the Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania had grave concerns about this bill. I had thought that it had been adjourned to enable honourable members to make their own inquiries. Ms Forrest - We have had plenty of time to do that, I might say. Dr GOODWIN - Yes, why have you not all done that? Why have you not all run off and spoken to all those stakeholders who have concerns in the two minutes you have probably had available since we started debating this bill. I move - That the debate stand adjourned.

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