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Barry Jarvis Condolence Motion

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, I also express my deep condolences to Barry Jarvis'family, his friends and his colleagues in local government, at Dorset Council and the Local Government Association of Tasmania. The outpouring of grief across Tasmania over his tragic and sudden passing reminds us that he was dearly loved by many and seen as a man for all people. Barry was a strong and proud advocate for Dorset first and foremost. He put in enormous energy as mayor to advance Dorset's interests and our hearts are with all in Dorset at this sad time.

It was also evident with Barry that he truly loved talking to people. It would not matter who you were, he always made time for you. He had an incredible ability to speak to a wide range of people. Barry loved people and the people loved him right back.

The Acting President of the Local Government Association of Tasmania, Daryl Quilliam, says Barry was passionate about the entire state of Tasmania as well as his own community. He says his friend made an enormous impact in a relatively short time as LGAT president. Daryl Quilliam said Barry's desire to help people is what drove him to be in local government. He says he admired many qualities in Barry, one of those being that he was never afraid of change. He says with Barry, what you saw is what you got, and everything he did he was passionate about.

There is definitely the feeling across Tasmania that we have lost someone who was pretty special. I saw Barry at a Crime Stoppers function in my electorate a few weeks ago and you had to admire the energy and commitment he gave to everything he did.

The current edition of the Local Government Association of Tasmania magazine has a fabulous picture of Barry on the cover with his big smile. It reminds me how much he loved what he did and the legacy he has left is great. As a community we are forever in his debt. Nothing that can be said can change the fact that his death is a tragedy. A cherished life taken far too soon, but we are grateful to have known him, whether that be personally or professionally. Tasmania has lost a true leader in Barry Jarvis.

Mr President, our heartfelt thoughts are with Barry's family at this time and all at Dorset Council and LGAT. I express my sincere gratitude for the magnificent contribution he made as Dorset Mayor and as LGAT president.

Vale Barry Jarvis. Rest in peace.

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