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Terrorism Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments Bill) No. 43 of 2015 - Second Reading Speech

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, I too am fairly comfortable with the legislation before us. Most of my concerns have been mentioned by other members and I am sure will be addressed by the Leader in her response.

The world has changed, and continues to change, and not necessarily for the better. We live with heightened concerns regarding terrorism. We cannot believe Tasmania will be exempt.

It was interesting listening to the member for Rosevears, when he was saying about the change to the door. We used to have access to quite a close door, and now we walk 100 metres around. As I mentioned to the Leader and the President previously, it might be okay for some members, but for those of us who are left outside for the extra 100 metres, I suppose it makes it easier for them to pick us off. While in some ways it makes it safer for people getting in here, because some of us have to walk that little bit further outside it might not be quite as safe for us. What fixes some things perhaps causes concern for others.

Ms Forrest - The new building will fix that.

Mrs Armitage - Let us hope no-one does anything in the next two years until the new building is actually up and running.

Mr Valentine - There will be those of us who will be in tents on the lawn.

Mrs Armitage - I have been advised I am getting a tent. I think bullets go through tents.

Ms Forrest - The member for Launceston is going to be out there in a tent anyway. You do not have to worry.

Mrs Armitage - Sorry to get everyone off track, Mr President. We do need to place trust in the police for the legislation before us. There are 'reasonable grounds' and 'reasonably necessary' written into the legislation that will bring us into line with the other states. It has been mentioned that the risks are all around the world, that protocols are in place at airports and many other places, and searches occur. We cannot just think we are exempt, that things will not happen in Tasmania because that is the very time when things do, when you let down your guard.

I support the legislation before us. I accept it is necessary and I also accept it needs to be extended past 2005.

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