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Police Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill No.14 of 2016 - Second Reading

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) - Mr Deputy President, my contribution will be very short. I support the bill before us. It is a sad indictment on our society that we have to have such laws. Unfortunately we do, and we have to assist the police where we can to make sure that we have a safe society, safe for everyone to walk around.

I have experienced on several occasions, in an inner city street, my hose being cut with a very sharp knife in the middle of the night. So people do wander around our streets and gardens carrying knives. You go out to use your hose and it has been cut off quite sharply. So people are out there with weapons or knives that they should not have with them.

Ms Forrest - They could have had a pair of secateurs in their bag.

Mrs Armitage - It is unlikely it was secateurs. It seemed to have been cut very sharply, not on one occasion but on many occasions. It usually occurs after midnight. They will not be able to get into the front hose but they do still cut the fitting off the back hose.

It is unfortunate that we need legislation such as this. I understand the police will be reasonable but I am sure it will cover many instances where we have farmers and other people who are carrying tools, and things like Stanley knives, in the course of their employment, and they call in for lunch. It is highly unlikely that police will be searching and looking for trouble with such people. It will only be people who are causing trouble or suspected of causing an issue.

I support the bill and the other amendments regarding to police testing for alcohol and drugs. It is an appropriate amendment. It is only right and proper that this should follow on and that the Police Service Act should be amended accordingly.

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