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Question about Tasmanian Health Service staff appointments

Mrs Armitage (Launceston) to the Honourable Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, Dr Vanessa Goodwin

In light of answers received to Question without Notice Tuesday August 16, 2016 regarding THS staff appointments -

1 Would the Minister please advise the title and band of each position in the administration and secretariat of the new single THS based in Launceston

2 Would the Minister please advise where each of these staff referred to in 1), whose position is based in Launceston, reside i.e. north or south

3 Would the Minister please advise which of the positions referred to above are in an acting capacity and which are permanent

4 Would the Minister please advise the length of time, per position, that the employee has been engaged in an acting capacity, and when will these acting positions be advertised and become substantive permanent positions?

Answer from Dr Goodwin -

Below is the title and band for each THS Executive position.

2 All positions are based in the Launceston headquarters of the THS.

However, as previously advised, staff residence details are kept only for emergency contact purposes and it would not be appropriate to disclose where staff members reside.

3 Below is the current employment status for each THS Executive position.

*As at 9 September2016 an announcement of a successful employee is pending

4 The Chief Operating Officer has been acting that role since August 2016, and a permanent appointment is expected to commence in late October 2016.

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