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Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, I support the bill and anything that generates jobs, certainly in the building industry. It also applies to the apprentices rebate bill we had earlier. If more builders are having more work, they can employ more apprentices. Getting people into trades is a good thing. It is all very well for us to be looking at university and other areas, but we need trades as well.

I cannot sit down though without mentioning that I believe it is discriminatory that we do not give it to first homebuyers. I do not agree that applying money to first homebuyers increases housing stock. Having been in real estate, people do not look at homes for sale and think, 'Gosh, I can increase the price of my house more because someone who buys it might have a first homebuyer's grant.'

What I find is - and I think it is the same with first home builders - it enables someone to get into their first home, whether it be this or the other. It enables them to have a deposit they might not otherwise have. That is a very good thing. While I support this bill, I believe we are continuing to discriminate against a first homebuyer who cannot afford to build their home. Whether it be giving them stamp duty relief or even a grant of some type such as half as much or $10 000 - it is all very well that we give to those who can afford to build their new home, but I am sure that is more on the smaller end of the scale.

Perhaps that is one of the reasons we do it. I accept that giving first homebuyers would certainly see a much larger uptake because it will be much easier for people to move into a cheaper home than it would be to build their first home. I understand that is possibly part of the reason behind it.

I support the bill. It will have a positive impact on the building industry, and will generate some jobs and help people get into their first home.

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